Controller Details and Setup


  •  16×2 Character LCD Display
  •  9-channel 12-bit PWM (0-5V)
  •  4096 Dimming Levels
  •  full dimmability down to 0%
  •  Max Intensity not limited to other channels
  •  Real-Time Clock Module
  •  Manual Sunrise/Sunset Time & Geo-located Sunrise/Sunset
  •  Lunar Phase Simulation
  •  Intuitive Wheel Interface
  •  Smooth Ramp Dimming & Clouds
  •  Cloud Channel Clustering
  • Storm Simulated Lighting Effects
  •  Fan Control
  • Protective Thermal  Downgrade when LED exceeds 140°F
  • Auto-dimming LCD Screen

Factory Default Controller Settings

By default all kits are set for an optimized coral growth and color, as well the light is reduced to less than 70% max intensity for proper acclimation.

With the new Sirius XTC, all features can be personalized via a combination of four basic control movements: right and left turns, as well short and long presses.

Cloud Channels

  • Cloud Frequency 0-10 Simulates the passing of overhead clouds, resulting in a temporary reduction of light output. (Default: 0)
  • Cloud Channels Allows grouping of LED strings under a common channel so that the LEDs on that channel are linked to the same cloud events.
  • Lightning Frequency 0-10 Randomly generated lightning effects. This effect is linked to the cloud intensity and only appears when a cloud is overhead. Setting this to 0 turns off lightning effects, and a value of 10 maximizes lightning effects.
    Note: Default is a strong 0…This may seriously freak out certain types of fish.

Moonphase simulates the phases of the moon. (Default: On)


Set Fan (Default Min 10 Max 40) With default settings the fixture’s heatsink temperature is only 90-95° F. Increasing the fan speed may increase fixture noise. Our testing has shown a DB level well below other fixture’s factory settings.


Set Lat/Long/GMT – The coordinates that determine the sunrise/sunset times calculated by the automatic sunrise mode Default, Chicago, the Democratic Republic of Cook County.
Temp Display [F or C] (Default: F)


Daylight Savings [On/Off] -If on, it will shift sunrise & sunset times appropriately for DST. The clock does not automatically adjust, so you will have to manually correct the clock.
(Default: Default Central Time USA)