Other Features

Other Features / Settings

Cloud Frequency [0-10] – Simulates the passing of an overhead cloud, resulting in a temporary reduction of light output. Follows SmoothRamp profile to simulate a soft-edged cloud. Setting this to 0 will turn off cloud effects for all channels. 1: Cloud every 0-10 minutes, 2: Cloud every 0-9 minutes, … 10: Cloud every minute.

Cloud Channels  Allows grouping of LED strings under a common channel so that the LEDs on that channel are linked to the same cloud events. Suppose you have three LED strings over half your tank, and three over the other half. Then you could either go for a single channel to make the whole tank experience clouds simultaneously, or you could go with two channels so that each half behaves independently.

Lighting Frequency 0-10 Randomly generated lightning effects. This effect is linked to the cloud intensity and only appears when a cloud is overhead. Setting this to 0 turns off lightning effects, and a value of 10 maximizes lightning effects.

Note: Default is 0…Any lightning effects may seriously freak out certain types of fish, especially expensive wrasses…Use with caution and a screen over the water to prevent fish jumping out of the water. 

Moonphase   [On/Off] – Simulates the phases of the moon. Turning this setting on will adjust your nighttime PWM settings [Set PWM (Night)] by an amount that corresponds to the current phase of the moon. For example, if it is a full moon then your night lights will shine at full brightness as set in [Set PWM (Night)]. If it is a new moon, the night time illumination level will be zero. The intensity of night lights will vary between these two extremes in accordance with the real phases of the moon, geolocated to coordinates programmed in the Storm/X. Note that to take advantage of the full resolution of this setting, your nighttime PWM settings should be at least 30 so that there can be a different illumination level for each night of the month. This means that you may need to have a dedicated low-brightness moonlight channel.  (Default: On)

Set Fan (Default Min 10 Max 40) With default settings the fixture’s heatsink temperature is only 90-95° F. Increasing the fan speed may increase fixture noise. Our testing has shown a DB level well below other fixture’s factory settings. We recommend keeping your fixture below 110° F. A max Setting of 50-60 is recommended for full power applications. The XTC Control Board incorporates a Smart Fan Controller. The XTC protects itself in the following manor…If the temperature exceeds 60C (140F)–LEDs dim to 15% of their original brightness–Fans are powered to maximum. This noticeable drop in LED Intensity will alert you if a fan fails or if their is and airflow obstruction. This level is sustained until temperature drops below 50C (122F), then normal operation resume.

Set Lat/Long/GMT – The coordinates that determine the sunrise/sunset times calculated by the automatic sunrise mode Default, Chicago, the Democratic Peoples Republic of Cook County.

Temp Display [F or C] (Default: F) 90-105° F is normal operating temperature with the fans set at a reduced “silent” setting. <95° F is optimal operating. At a close to a maximum Reef Setting a max fan speed setting of 55 should keep your fixture below 100° and produce less than 25db noise.

Daylight Savings [On/Off] -If on, it will shift sunrise & sunset times appropriately for DST. The clock does not automatically adjust, so you will have to manually correct the clock.
(Default: Default Central Time USA)

Set Clock  Set the time and date.