Sunrise and Sunset Setup

Auto Mode The controller will calculate the sunrise and sunset times based on the default latitude and longitude. If you want seasonal variations in sunrise and sunset yet want to enjoy your reef later in the evening simply set a default longitude further west. It is also recommended to lower the latitude closer to the equator to increase the winter sunlight phase set a custom latitude and longitude of your location of choice.

Manual Mode Set the sunrise/sunset times. Default is 0900-2300 Central USA Time.  

  • Set the sunrise time at which the controller transitions from night to dawn. (Default Manual: 0900 Central) 
  • Set Sunset Time The time at the preferred transition time from dusk to night.(Default Manual: 2300 Central)
  • Ramp Time sets the duration of both Sunrise and Sunset. The controller uses Smooth Ramp Dimming, following a sinusoidal dimming profile for: sunrise, sunset and cloud effects. This closely mimics natural sunrise and sunset profiles.(Default: 180 minutes)
  • Ramp Delay Allows you to delay (sunrise and sunset times) certain PWM channels by a specified amount, allowing the phase in of different banks of LEDs at different times. (Default: 0)

Ramp Delay