Product Features

All fixtures are manufactured in the USA.

  • Primary Binned LED’s and European Optics
  • Supplemental Spectrum LED’s arranged in seven clusters, giving each LED full optimization and bold color.
  • channel RGB color supplemental arrays that can be customized based on depth and color preference.
  • Each kit is easy to program to your own personal preference, because you know what looks best and what will fit your tank.
  • Smart thermal control .
  • Based on our research, documented and supported by numerous Marine Biologists, our  Primary Binned LEDs, offer optimal growth.

Two year no worries warranty;  Three Year Parts.

First two years: all damages except salt water damage is covered just send it back to us; no hassle we will fix it and send it back.

After two years only labor is charged. The fixture was designed to be modular and easily repaired at a $35 an hour shop rate a complete overhaul of the fixture can be done.