Product Specifications

Direct replacement for a 400 watt MH with High Efficient Ripple Wide Optics.

  • Spectrum optimized for coral growth and color rendition.
  • Housing optimized for maximum thermal efficiency
  •  Silent Fans.
  • Controls allow full dimmability down to 0% with the Max Intensity of a 400 watt MH equivalent.
  • LED’s specifically binned for optimal performance and personalization.
  • Optics  optimized for penetration while limiting that nuisance spill of light.
  • Over 700 PAR at 24 inches and over 2000 PAR at 12 inches
  • 2,700 K to 20,000 K depending on intensity setting and LED array combinations.
  • Perfect for SPS, Clams, LPS, tomatoes, and most importantly: you.

MAXIMUM POWER CONSUMPTION 150 Watts with TWICE the PAR of other LED fixtures on the market AND MORE THAN 40% efficient than Hybrid LED with T5-HO or Metal Halide with T5-HO fixtures.**

Each fixture covers approximately 24″ x 24″ with enough PAR to keep our clams happy on the sand bed!


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